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This is a great pack for new businesses wanting to start their first online website. With a free domain name included, along with a years worth of web hosting, and a great set of easy to use website tools, you can get started today!

  • Free Domain name.
  • Easy to use web control panel.
  • Fast Australian Servers.
  • Loads of transfer
  • Great starter point

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MiniCloud Server

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Want your own Windows, Linux or BSD Box? We have loads of vanilla servers to choose from, or make life easy and pick from one of our ready-to-go mini templates.

  • VMWARE, Docker and Rancher.
  • Fast Aussie Servers and Network
  • Remote console terminal.
  • Dedicated OS Environment
  • Full shell / rdp user access.

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MiniAWS Cluster

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Want the benefit of Enterprise-Grade Amazon Web Services but don't know where to start? Pick one of our ready-to-go webserver farm blueprints, and we can have your site ready for global-scale expansion at the click of a button! Loads of pre-made blueprints ready to go.

  • Managed Amazon Service
  • Fast Australian Servers
  • Global Caching Network
  • Tried and tested blueprints
  • Easy to use web based control panel.

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Advanced network.

Advanced network.

Neutrality and Fairness are at the core of our products.

About our Network network is 100% neutral, Under no circumstances do we give one user's traffic priority over anyone else's.

Network Features

  • Advanced Quality of Service to make sure real time applications run in real time.
  • Open Peering Policy
  • National and International Providers.
  • We use the latest RouterBoard, Dell, HP and Cisco Networking equipment
  • Congestion Free



Digital security is at the forefront of everyone's mind.

Our Security

Encryption- Our network provides the latest encryption technologies to protect all user information throughout the buying and support process.

Security Features

  • Encryption- Our network provides the latest encryption technologies to protect all user information throughout the buying and support process.
  • DDOS Protection- Developed in house, our DDOS firewall stops attacks before they reach our network.
  • Peering- By using Peering networks whenever possible we avoid the need to put your traffic onto the wider internet. Current legislation allows us to ignore peering traffic when logging metadata helping to keep your bill low and protect your security.


Development are dedicated to consitant development of not only our product line but the overall experience offered. was founded on an the idea of taking evangelistic and innovative approches to all matters, This allows us to morph ideas with time and feedback.

Development Challenges

  • have recently been challanged by the Australian Governments Metadata retention scheme. Over the past 12 months we have been developing new ways to handle and store metadata both on and offline. We hope to be able to offer our unique approch to other providers by mid 2016.
  • Future Developments

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